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Go Buster!

Visual Development

I had the honor of working on an overhaul of Go Buster!, one of the most succesful youTube video series for children. Moonbug, the company behind the show, wanted to translate its existing main characters so they could fit into a more futuristic, energy friendly world.

As with any redesign, I started with a brainstorm of directions to make sure everyone was on the same page. Quick sketches helped convey a broad spectrum of ideas.

After a couple rounds working with the Creatives at Moonbug, the basic idea behind the character was solidifed. Next, we concentrated on the details. Wheels, energy bars, info screens and facial features all had to be explored to come to the final design.

Singling out a body type and picking from a number of choices for each of the parts, finals were decided upon that showcased the best combinations.

Moonbug then took the process in-house and fine tuned the look to what you see on screen.