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The Studio

I'll let you in on a little secret of Diempal Productions. It's just me, David Michael Friend. But the beauty of my "studio" is its ability to expand to meet the needs of your project. And since all the work is executed remotely, the project size is not an issue. If you need storyboards, I know some people. Character design? I've worked with the best. Do you need an entire visual development of your IP from the ground up? I'll take on the whole kit and caboodle, form a team of talented designers and work with you to create the look that complements your story.


I've worked as a traditional 2D animator, visual FX artist, motion graphic designer, After Effects wiz, puppeteers and more. But Diempal Productions focuses on the visual development of your project. My knowledge of the animation process is key to running a smooth pipeline, and I will work closely with you and the animation studio of your choice to ensure that your vision is translated properly.