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Space Racers

90 x 15 minute episodes (2 seasons)

Diempal Productions has fronted the visual look to the award winning animated show Space Racers. From script to screen, my team and I have developed the visual playground of science facts for the star cadets to roam around in.

"Set in a rich and exciting world with space as its focus, Space Racers promotes the idea that space exploration helps us to learn new things, understand the world we live in, and make it a better place." - Space Racers

With director Mark Risley (The Wild Thornberrys, Rugrats) at the helm, a library of environments, props, costumes and characters was built.

Due to the scientific nature of this STEM based show, many aspects had to be thoroughly researched while designing the elements. At times working directly with NASA scientist, environments had to be created on both factual and speculative descriptions.