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Abby's Flying Fairy School

26 x 8 minute episodes

Working alongside the talented CG artists of SpeakeasyFX (prior to the cenception of Diempal Productions), I was the head of the visual development of Sesame Street's magical world of Abby's Flying Fairy School. With his team, he developed the look and feel of the 26 x 8 minute series. These were dispersed within the hour long Sesame Street show beginging with their their 40th season.

Initial designs for the primary characters were concieved by veteran designer Peter de Sčve (Zootopia, Finding Nemo, Ice Age, Monsters Inc, Ratatouille). I then took his masterfull sketches and developed them into the fantastical cast that attended Mrs. Sparklenose's Flying Fairy School. Check out the process for Blögg, one of the AFFS students.