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A fisherman's hobby of sculpting is interrupted when he must perform his monthly task of illuminating the town he lives in. With container on back, fishing pole in hand, and his current carving stashed in his pocket, the lonely soul goes searching for the perfect spot to catch the moon's shimmering sister. But his shattered hope for exchanging his catch for the villager's fellowship returns him to his art for companionship.

Moonfishing Screenshot


David Michael Friend (director/designer) - Besides producing and performing puppet theater, David works as a freelance art director and illustrator in the television and film industry, creating for such companies as Sesame Workshop, Nickelodeon, Simon & Schuster and Saturday Night Live. He has also illustrated several books, including "Clemency Pogue: The Scrivener Bees", "The Squampkin Patch: A Nasselrogt Adventure" and the graphic novel "Daniel and the Great Bearded One". Recently he has been creating worlds for children's animated television; art directing for Space Racers and Sesame Street's Abby's Flying Fairy School -

Moonfishing Screenshot