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David Michael Friend (director/designer)

David works as a freelance art director, illustrator and animator in the television and film industry, creating for such companies as Sesame Workshop, Nickelodeon, Simon & Schuster and Saturday Night Live. He has also illustrated several books, including "Clemency Pogue: The Scrivener Bees", "The Squampkin Patch: A Nasselrogt Adventure" and the graphic novel "Daniel and the Great Bearded One". Recently he has been creating worlds for the children's animated television Space Racers -

Follow David's creations via his blogs, emailers and facebook page.

Executive Producer

Heather Henson
Sally Anne Syberg


David Michael Friend

Technical Direction and Story Development

Stuart Cudlitz

Director of Photography

Walter McGrady

Edited by

Allyson C. Johnson

Editorial Department

Carol Brzezinski
David Michael Friend

Green Screen Production Manager

Michelle Beshaw

Lead Puppeteers

Emily DeCola
Lindsay Abromaitis-Smith
Kate Brehm

Additional Puppeteers

Sarah Lafferty
Tara Conlon

Puppet Wrangler

Sarah Lafferty

Puppets by

David Michael Friend

Assistant Builders

Michelle Beshaw
Kristina Carroll
Sarah Lafferty
Lisa Schanen Spady


Claire Cowan

Recording Engineer

Lance Powell

Music Mix

Claire Cowan

Sound Mix

David Holmes
Mark Michel


Violin: Jessica Hindin
Piccolo Trumpet/Flugel Horn: Matthew Verrill
French Horn: David Kay
Trombone: Jonathan Tan
Clarinet: Finn Schofield
Synth, Cello, Ukelele: Claire Cowan

Dog Animation

Nikolay Nachev

Lead Compositors

David Michael Friend
Jun Sassa


Shih-mu Dino Pai
Thomas Tavares
Jim Hagedorn
Connie Conrad


Kamaneh Akhlagh
Niloufar Behrouz
Valarie Irizarry
Yurika Collazo
Onno De Jong
Victor De La Cruz
Hung-Ning Liao
Rebecca MacGregor
Sean Smith
Jason Yang
True Xiong


Andrea Dezso
Sarah Dewart

Flickerlab Studios

Harold Moss
Tammy Walters
Franklin S. Zitter
Scott Brewster
Robert Jan DeVries
Dave Schwittek
Max Porter
Eric Merola
Phil Lockerby
Melissa Johnson

Legal Advisor

Salil K. Gandhi

Administrative and Production Support

Michelle Renee Bousquet

A special thanks for all of their help and support in the project to:

Jane Henson
John E. Barrett
Michael Ferraro & Possible Worlds
Tim Lagasse
National Film Board of Canada
Richard William Friend III
Richard and Karen Friend Jr.
Siobhan Harris
Anezka Sebek
Mitch Butler

Shot at the Henson Annex Carriage House in New York City